Pam Munoz Ryan

BY:Griela Santana, Daniel Medel, and Zach Kiichler.
She was born on San Joaquin Valley, CA. She has a Mexican, Italian, Spanish, Basque, and Oklahoman background. She is the oldest from three sisters and is the oldest from 23 cousins on her mother’s side. She became a teacher, and administrator, and then, at the encouragement of a friend who thought she could write, a writer. Today she lives in north of San Diego,CA near the Pacific Ocean, and she has two dogs named Buddy and Sammie which keep her company. She was Born on December,25,1954
This are all books by Palm Munoz Ryan.
One Hundred is a Family, 1994
The Flag We Love, 1996

Armadillos Sleep in Dugouts:
and Other Places Animals Live, 1997
California, Here We Come! 1997
A Pinky is a Baby Mouse:
And Other Baby Animal Names, 1997
Doug Counts Down, 1998
Doug's Treasure Hunt, 1998
Riding Freedom, 1998

Amelia and Eleanor Go for a Ride: Based on a True Story, 1999
Funny Family Vacation, 1999
Esperanza Rising, 2000
Hello, Ocean!, 2001
Mice and Beans, 2001
Mud is Cake, 2002
When Marian Sang: theTrue Recital of Marian Anderson the Voice of the Century
The Voice of a Century, 2002
A Box of Friends, 2003
How do you raise a Raisin?, 2003
Becoming Naomi León, 2004
Nacho and Lolita, 2005
Paint the Wind



A few awards she has won are:

The PEN USA Awards
The Pura Belpe Award

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