Willo Davis Roberts
Noah Kyneshae
Noah and Kyneshae
Willow Davis Roberts
Born: May 29,1928 Grand Rapids,Michigan
Died: November 19, 2004

Husband David, four sons and daughters (adult), 12 grandchildren
Facts: she wrote 92 books (29 for younger people)
Her books have won quite a few state awards she also won the Edger Allen Poe award three times
Some books she wrote:
Murder at Grand Bay (1955) (First book)
The Girl Who Wasn't There (1957)
The Ghosts of Harrel (1960)
Murder Is So Easy (1961)
The Suspected Four (1962)
Nurse Kay's Conquest (1966)
Once a Nurse (1966)
Nurse At Mystery Villa (1967)
Return to Darkness (1969)
The House At Fern Canyon (1970)
Shroud of Fog (1970)
Shadow of a Past Love (1970)
The Waiting Darkness (1970)
Devil Boy (1971)
Invitation to Evil (1971)
King's Pawn (1971)
The Terror Trap (1971)
Dangerous Legacy (1972)
Inherit the Darkness (1972)
The Face of Danger (1972)
Sing a Dark Song (1972)
Secret Lives of the Nurses (1975)
White Jade (1975)


She was a trained paramedic before she became an author.
She died of congestive heart failure at 76 years old.