Ann Rinaldi
By:Keera and Kody

Ann Rinaldi began her career for a newspaper reporter when she was a young girl and learned quickly to know a good story when she saw one. First place award for newspaper columns, New Jersey Institute of technology award in 1987. She was born August 27, 1934, in New York City. Her mother died soon after Ann was born, so she had to go live with her aunt and uncle in Brooklyn. Her father came and took her to live with him in New Jersey with her four siblings and her stepmother. In 1969 she was asked and given a weekly column in the newspaper in the Somerset Messenger Gazette. In 1960 she married Ron Rinaldi. Ann was hired to write two columns a week for the Trentonian daily. In 1979, Ann finally finished a short story she had been laboring for years.

Tiltes of books by Ann Rinald :)= it is in the NMS library
But in the Fall I'm Leaving :)
Girl in Blue :)
In My Father's House :)
The Last Silk Dress :)
Mine Eyes have seen :)

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