Johnathan Rands



Jonathan Rands:
His real name is Chris Write.

He was born on November 24th in 1964. He was born in Pontiac Michigan. He grew up in Waterford Michigan, until his family moved to Grayling during 4th grade.

He was invooled in a animal creulty case in 2007.
He has written a total of 68 books.

  1. List of books by the author
  • Michigan Mega-Monsters
  • Nebraska Nightcrawlers
  • New York Ninjas
  • Terrifying Toys of Tennessee
  • Monster Mosquitoes of Maine
  • Savage Dinosaurs of South Dakota

2. Interesting facts:dog.jpgscooby.jpg
He had a wife and 3 dogs, Scooby Doo, Lily Munster, and Spooky Dude.

He was also a huge fan of country stars, George Straight, Johnny Cash, and Tim McGraw.

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