Dav Pilkey

Dav enjoys humor, even with his dog! Image from : http://www.usatoday.com/life/books/news/2011-06-29-dav-pilkey-super-diaper-baby_n.htm



Background Information

Dav Pilkey was born in Cleveland, Ohio
His birth date is March 4, 1966.
When Dav Pilkey was a child, his teachers believed he was very disruptive. Even as a kid, he drew comics about a superhero called Captain Underpants. Dav entered High School with his sense of humor, and his drawing ability intact. One day his principal took him out of class and said that he would never make it in the world as an artist. Well, his principal was wrong. He writes and illustrates books for goodness’ sake!
Dav’s current hobbies include reading good books, watching some fantastic movies, taking long naps, and building some cool toy monsters and robots.
Dav Pilkey has written several books that have won awards. These awards include: the American Booksellers Pick of the Li
Dav with his wife. Image from : http://www.pilkey.com/adv-text.php
st, a Publishers Weekly, the California Young Reader Medal, and one of his books was chosen as a Caldecott Honor Book. Dav Pilkey also illustrated Dumb Bunnies, a book that won the IRC-CBC Children’s Choice Award.
Dav’s name was originally spelled Dave, like normal. But when the Pizza Hut he worked for was making a name tag, the label maker broke and it printed Dav, instead of Dave. The misspelling stuck!

How Dav Became Interested in Writing

Dav enjoyed writing small comic books in elementary school. He had nothing else to do because he sat in the hallway so often!
Dav’s job before he became a writer is a small job at a Pizza Hut. As soon as he was out of college, he was writing, and published!

Books by Dav

(Books with a green dash(-) are available in the Norfolk Middle School Library. Books with a red dash(-) are NOT available.

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