Joan Lowery Nixon

February 13, 1927. When Joan was growing up, she wanted to write the kinds of books that I love to read: stories that made me laugh or cry and mysteries. When I was grown up my dream came true. All I wanted my whole life was to become Joan lowery Nixon was born in Los Angeles. She was born on a publisher and write books for kids all ages. A poem that I wrote appeared in a children’s magazine. She sold her first magazine when she was only 17 years old. Joan majored in journalism and at the University of Southern California at Los Angeles, but there were few jobs at the time for journalists, so I took a temporary job teaching kindergarten and first grade in the Los Angeles city schools. She enjoyed teaching so much so she went to a night school and took the course she’d need for her credentials. She was trying to become a teacher for a job that was going to be full time not part time. In the orphan train and the land of hope series, now Nixon has teens triumphing over adversity. The orphan train quartet follows a family of six children who are adopted because their widowed mother can no longer care for them. The children face abandonment, abuse and separation from one another; yet their love, adaptability, courage, and strength to help them survive. The land of hope series tells about an Irish family’s immigration to Chicago. Earring seven Allan Poe nominations and winning four Edgars has set Nixon apart in the mystery genre..