Phyllis Reynolds Naylor

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Phyllis Reynolds Naylor
Born on January 4, 1933, in Anderson Ind.
She was writing her own stories in grade school
First book published in church paper as a teenager
In 1963, she had a bachelor’s degree in psychology from the university of America
She wrote several of novels
In 1991 she won a Newbery Medal for the book “Shiloh”
The author wrote than 70 books for adults and kids.
She did some kids comedy.
Naylor wrote several series of novels.
Recollections of her very first husband’s mental sickness.
The subject was also inspired by the young adult called “The Keeper”
She got interested in writing how she loved making up stories when she was a kid
Even though she had a bachelors agree she decided to devote herself full-time to writing.
Here are all the book in Norfolk Middle School Achingly Alice, Alice in a Rapture, Sort of, Beetles Lightly Toasted, The Fear Place, Girls Rule!, The Grand Escape, The healing Of Texas Jake, Jade Green A Ghost Story

Night Cry, Polo’s Mother, Sang Spell, Saving Shiloh, Shiloh, Shiloh Season, To walk the Sky Path, The Year of The Gopher

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