Walter Dean Meyers

Walter Dean Meyers
Walter enjoyed traveling to UK and other places where he could understand the language. He has won two New Berry Honors. He just wrote a book called Jazz that won Coretta Scott King Honor. One of his big projects is to write a history of Black People of America. He was born on Thursday August 12th, 1937 in Martinsburg, West Virginia. Walter’s mother died when he was two. His real name was really Walter Milton Myers, but he thought Walter Dean Myers sounded better. When his mother died his father couldn’t take care of him, so he got transported to a foster home. Poor Walter never got adopted, but he got to move to Harlem, New York. In 1954 he quit high school and joined the army. He recieved his college degree in 1984 from the Empire State College. The thing that inspired him to be an author was all of the people around him. Myersw.jpg
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