Patricia MacLachlan

  • Birthday- March 3, 1938

  • Born in- Cheyenne, Wyoming

  • Facts- when she was born her name was Patricia Pritzkau.
  1. She taught junior high school English for 15 years, she also worked for a social services agency.
  2. She and her husband owned two houses, one in the mountains of Massachusetts, and one on Cape Cod.
  3. She had imaginary friends, one of which was a particularly feisty girl named Mary.
  4. Mary talked Patricia into drawing on the living room wall, running away, or other rebellious acts.
  5. When she was thirty-five she read children’s books at the rate of thirty to forty a week.
  6. She now lives in Williamsburg, Massachusetts with her husband
  7. She sometimes does work with her daughter, the stories they co-wrote are underlined below
Awards- Patricia won the John Newbery Medal

  • (highlighted ones are in the library) Books- Bittle, Painting the Wind, Fiona Loves the Night, Skylark, More Perfect than the Moon. Grandfather's Dance, Through Grandpa's Eyes, Mama One Mama Two, Tomorrow's Wizard,Seven Kisses in a Row, Unclaimed Treasure, Three Names, All the Places to Love, What You Know First, The Sick Day, Edward's Eyes, True Gift : A Christmas Story , Arthur for the Very First Time, Baby, Caleb’s story, Cassie Binegar, The Facts and Fictions of Minna Pratt, Journey, and
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Sarah, Plain and Tall
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