• Gordon Korman

Gordon Korman published 50 books.

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  • Gordon mailed his manuscript to his editor.
  • He was a 8th grader and he was 13 yrs. old.
  • The editor liked the book and Gordon began working on revisions to his manuscript.
  • He also had an issue with centigrade vs. Fahrenheit.
  • He still makes people laugh and is proud that scholastics published his first books.
  • He published Zoo Break, Son of the Mob, Pop, and Born to rock.
  • It’s hard to get boys to read.
  • He is going to release a new book.
  • He was shy and observant when he was a little kid.
gordan_b..jpgon_pic._of_korman.jpgThese two photos are books that gordan korman wrote.
2pic.ofgorman.jpgThis book is a nother book from gordan korman

  • He was born in Quebec,Canada
  • His birday is October 23,1963
  • When he was 12yrs. old he publshed his new book.
  • He won 7 awards
  • He has live until 1760.
showoff.jpg this book is called SHOWOFF
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  • titanic3.jpgthese are the titanics.
  • curticy of http://gordonkorman.com/
  • this cant be happening
  • Mr. Huge was his teacher in the 7th grade.
  • Gordon Korman he got several award winning young adult titles
  • His first he was born in Montreal, Quebec in Canada after he grew up he moved to New York City to live his new life.
  • After he moved he went to a collage to study film and film writing.
  • After he finished collage he met his future wife.

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