Erin Hunter

  • Erin Hunter is a fictional author. Victoria Homes, Tui Sutherland, Cherith Badlry, Kate Gary.
  • Kate Gary one of the authors, has 3 cats and has been living with cats her whole life.
  • Victoria Holmes Grew up on a farm and loves animals.
  • She likes to call her self a one of the Erins.
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  • Tui Sutherland She is a dog person but loves cats too.
  • All four of the authors wrote Warrior Cat.
  • We will be doing the author Tui Sutherland.
  • Tui is more of a dog person...but she loves cats too.
  • She grew up mostly in south america but she lived in various other places too.
  • She got her first dog when she could.
  • She had a yokie-poodle mix named Sunshine.