Jennifer Holm
  • She moved a lot and remembered having a puppy named Ruffy and a hamster named Sneaker. Her brothers and she always fought over the Sunday color comics.
  • That would also influence her work later in life. She also loved the author named Lloyd Alexander so much that she wrote a fan letter when she was twelve.
  • She was also the only girl out of five kids. After high school she attended Dickinson College. She was born in California by a zoo.`
  • Her mom was a pediatric nurse and her dad was a pediatrician.
  • Her childhood has always been her main source of inspiration for her writing. she became a broadcast producer of television commercials and music videos for clients like Nickelodeon and MTV.She enjoyed working in television but had always wanted to be a writer.Now shes splits her time between writing and taking care of her children.

Picture of Jennifer Holm

Picture of her dog
  • books that she wrote, she wrote a new book called turtle in paradise.90df9.jpg
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