Will Hobbs

He had an Air Force family, so they lived all over the map. HIm and his family lived in Panama, Pennsylvania, Virgina, Alaska, Northern Califronia, Texas, and Sothern California. When he was a kid he loved to play baseball and fish with his dad. Half way through 5th grade he moved to California from Alaska. For years he have been snipping articles and newspapers and magazines Tapping documentaries reading books. So much of what we hear and read about illegal immigrtion is based on generations, political augments. He began by spending a week along the border of Arizona with Mexico, from Douglas went to the remote Tohono O`odham reservation. Hehave interviewed a lot people, and He drove on some remote roads and He explored. His wife Jean, and
Will were very jumpy. He has learned that heavily armed drug smugglers crossed the boarder all the time.

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