Mary Downing Hahn
  • She is best known for her ghost stories.
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  • She taught art at the junior high school for a short amount of time and worked as an illustrator for the PBS children’s reading series cover to cover.
  • When she wrote her first ghost story she had no idea that the children liked it.
  • She believed in ghosts when she was a child.
  • Until she was old enough to go to school, she was left in the care of her uncaring grandmother.
  • She’s been writing children’s books for about 30 years. Her books had sold over 2million copies.
  • Closed for the season is her new book and it includes an unsolved murder and an amusement park, two inquisitive boys that vowed to solve the mystery.
  • An avid reader, traveler and all around arts lover.

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  • There's books are avalable in the Norfolk Puplic Middle School.