Gail Gibbons
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  • She was born in Oak Park, Illinois, in 1944.
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  • When she was a little girl she used binding to put her own books together.
  • She went to the University Illinois, and there is where she studied graphic design.
  • She then moved to New York City, where she got a job doing artwork television shows.

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  • While she was working in New York a couple of kids asked her if she could write kids books.

  • Her genre is non-fiction.
  • She wrote over 150 books.
  • She lives on an island off of Maine and she loves to swim.
  • She grew up in Chicago.
  • She made her first book when she was four, and it was four pages long and it was put together by yarn.
  • She loved drawing and painting.

  • Her husbands name is Kent Ancliffe.
  • She has one cat named Tigger.
  • She recently lives in Corinth, Vermont.
  • There are many wild animals on her property.
  • Her dogs name is Wilbur.

Some of her books are:
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