Gary Paulsen
Jackson R
Kaci Z
1945-49 lived in Philippines
1955-Runs away from home-sixteen
1966- Publishes first book
1980- Receives first dogs and sled
1983- Races in the Iditarod for the first time
1986- Wins Newberry honor for Dogsong
1988-Wins Newberry honor for Hatchet
1990-Wins Newberry honor for The Winter Room
1997-Recieves lifetime achievement award from American Library Association
At age 4 he almost died of pneumonia
Born-May 17, 1939
Written 175 books
Born in:Minneapolis,Minnesota

These are some of the books Gary Paulson wrote.
"The Car","Dogsong",,"Flat Broke","Harris and Me","Hatchet","Lawn Boy","The River","The Winter Room","Wood Runner".
He traveled all over the world.
He was staring at a computer screen in his office and just thought that he wanted to be a writer. Then he walked out and never came back.
He married Ruth Wright Paulsen.He was shy and observant when he was a boy.