Nancy Farmer
Nancy was born in a little town in Arizona near the Mexican border.Nancy-Farmer.jpgHer brother earned money as a kid raising scorpions. Their mother would make Nancy take the ones she found in the house outside to set them free because she didn't believe in killing them.
Awards, Honors, Prizes: John Newbery Medal Honor Book 1995 United States Virginia Young Readers Program Winner 1998 Middle School Virginia
Nancy knows the beginning and end of her story and then works on developing the middle. Occasionally she even dreams scenes.
Nancy really didn't start writing until she reached her forties. While in Zimbabwe, she was responsible for creating a variety of early readers for African schoolchildren. Her first book published in the US was So You Know Me. She sent the manuscript to Richard Jackson and he asked her for a rewrite. She really wasn't an experienced writer and was surprised when he called her and said that she was lazy and asked if she knew what a real rewrite was. She followed his guidance and has followed him around as he has moved to different publishing houses
. She spoke of her earlier years and recounted how she had arrived in Africa in Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe) after the war had
arrived in Africa in Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe) after the war had ended

Books by this author

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