Barry Deneberg

  • Birthplace: Brooklyn, NY
  • Current Home: Bedford, NY
  • College: Attended Boston University in 1968
  • Books: He wrote some of the books in the Dear America series
  • Hobbies: Besides writing, he likes to teach, listen to music, swimmimg, yoga, and spend time with friends & family
  • Genres of his books: nonfiction, historical fiction, & biographies
  • Before he became an author, he aslo bought and owned a bookstore
  • Throughout his child years, he liked to read & play video games
  • He got interested in becoming an author because he recieved a book about John F. Kennedy for his birthday. He thought the book was so interesting so he wanted to write a book of his own
  • Today, Denenberg volunteers at Director of Creative Writing and Library Services at Waterside Elementary School in Stamford, Conneticut, teaching reading for young students
  • After the publication of An American Hero: The Story of Charles Lindburg, Deneberg was interviewed for various documentaries included ABC's "The Century"
  • Was a seirous reader at an early age.
  • His wife was once and probably still a publisher for scholastic inc.
  • He states that "I'm an excellent writer but a great reasercher

jackie_robinson.gif elvis_presley.gif
He wrote a book about Jackie Robinson & Elvis Presley.

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