Cynthia DeFelice
Jaida and Aries

When she was a child she never thought that she would become a writer. But she did like to read, she liked when her mother read to her and her brothers and sister. Their mother would read to them every night. She read everything she could: Magazines, comic books, books and so much more. Her favorites were books that made her feel like she were part of the story.Other than a writer she was also a librarian at an elementary school. Cynthia wrote The Ghost of Mr.Hobbs, The Ghost of Fossil Glen, and The Missing manatee.

When Cynthia Defelice was a child she would of never guess she would be an author. Cynthia read Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew. They were so much fun for her. She has written 11 novels and 13 picture books. She wasn’t a writer until she was 36 years old.

Cynthia had been an elementary school librarian and had read out loud to other children. She loves spooky stories and dogs. She wrote a trilogy about Allie Nichols, ‘’Ghost Magnet,’’. She hoped her books were delight and entertained and wanted the readers to feel the same emotion she did. Her friends were devastated, but they were happy that Hoover lives in her books. She also has a new book comming out in 2013 that is called "Wild Life". defelice_cynthia_lg.jpg