Roald Dahl
katalina Zach

Roald Dahl

Birthday- September 16, 1916

Place of birth- Llandaff, Wales

He grew up in Wales.

He had five sisters, and one brother.

When he was a child his family spent their vacations at a beach they called “Magic Island “
Dahl was a boy who got into mischief a lot. Once, he and his friends played a trick on the nasty owner of a candy store. They put a dead mouse in a candy jar, and when she found it, she was furious. She told their teacher, who beat them all.

Dahl went to school at the local school in Wales. Dahl didn’t go to college. Instead he started working right after he graduated from Repton in 1934. Dahl countinued to write until his death on November 23, 1990. Dahl's fisrt job was in the oil buisness.He worked for Shell Oil Company, first in London, then in Africa. He worked in the East African country of Tanzania for several years.Then when he
Other books he has written is Fantastic Mr. Fox, Matilda, and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. His parents were Norwegian. He was the only son of a second marriage. Roald has a bad time at school.