Chris D'Lacey
Damon G.
Eduardo .c

Born in- Malta
He has published twenty-two books including nine novels.
He writes lots of polar bear books.
He was in love with a dragon but he did not have enough money to buy one.
His nickname is Gadzooks.
He currently lives in London.
He likes to sing and his singing gets him to writes books.
He was inspired by the beetles.
He has a science backround.
He writes lots of fantasy books.
One book he wrote was Dark Fire.
His dream was to write books when he was little.
One medal he won was the Carnegie Medal for the book Fly.
A new book that is coming out is The Fire Ascending In May 2012.
Born December 16,1954.

Hobbies playing the electric guiter and writing songs.
Writting was not his career choice ,"I never planned to be a writter."

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