Sharon Creech
Rylee K

Yovani S

-Birthday she was born July 29, 1945
-Birthplace Cleveland, Ohio
-She moved to Washington D.C
-She won the Newberry Medal
-Married a school assistant headmaster Lyle Rigg
- Had two kids
-Riggs became a headmaster in England 1984
-She got her bachelor degree in a collage in Ohio
-She worked congressional Quaterly
-She wrote short stories and poetry
-She published adult novels in 1990
-She was part of a big noise family
-She is still alive-On July 11 2003 she won the great Britains 2003 Carnegie medal
-Theese are some of th e books she wrote Heartbeat,Love that Dog
-She likes reading and writing
-She spent two decades
Two Moons,Ruby Holler,and Pleasing the Goast.

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