Caroline B. Cooney
Caroline was born in 1947in Geneva, NY, and grew up in Old Greeenwich, Connecticut. Shes has been to many different colleges and loves taking classes from them, but has never graduated from any of them.She also has three children who's names are Louisa, Saire, and Harold. Also three grandchildren Lizzy, Maggy, and Max. Shes lived in several places, but now she was in South Carolina.

Books by Caroline B. Cooney:
1: Both Sides of Time
2: Family Reunion
3: Godess of Yesterday
He started writing when he was on a trip. He wrote “Jim and Me”, “The Talent Show”, “Roberto and Me”, “Best of the Best ”, and ”Super Sluggers" and more.Dan Gutman was born in New York on October 19 , 1955. His first check was fifteen dollars.Dan Gutman liked playing Pac-Man when he was younger.Dan Gutman got married on 1983 with a girl name Nina. Dan Gutman started writing books about kids because he was good at it. In 1992 when hes son Sam was born that was when he felt like macking kids books.He worte severl baseball books for adults.Books that we have at our Norfolk Middle School Libary are Getting air, The Homework Machine and lots more.
Return of the homework machine
Dan Gutman

Jim & me
Jim & me
New York