Maureen Sherry
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Born in: 1981 in New York City, USA


  • MFA in Non-Fiction Writing

  • Best New Voices 2010 American Booksellers Association


  • She worked on Wall Street for 12 years as a managing director.

  • She currently is an author and a volunteer at after school programs.


  • Telling fantastic stories to her four young children.

  • She became sad when she moved to a new home, so she started leaving clues for the next family that moved in. The clues led to a good story.
Books By Her:
  • Walls Within Walls
  • The Glass Ceiling Club
  • A Taste of Pumpkin
  • Skiing
  • Diving external image images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSzxcXpfbgvCmZcMq1USRi-JyAfLtx26VQZPGue4_rm-P7tydrN
  • Swimming external image 807_38_2230---Swimming-Pool_web.jpg
  • Ice skating external image 90_17_6---Ice-skating--Winter-Wonderland-outdoor-ice-rink--Edinburgh_web.jpg
  • Bike Rrides With Her Children external image images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTrOrKvNEqxHJHNBxCopwX6jxd1S4k8XT-pDUkXzIl88Tv2cKm3v8aJ-s3O
Interesting Facts:
  • She can often be found standing on her hands.
  • She met her husband when she walking down a street and he was riding in a cab.
  • She is accomplished in the art of belly-flop and various types of yoga.
  • Cornell University
  • Columbia University
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