Jack Prelutsky

Jack PrelutskyBorn 1940.
Interesting things.
He flunked English 3 times.
Met his wife Carolynn, when he went to Arizona on a book tour. She was a children’s librarian and she showed him around town. He fell in love with her that day , and asked her to marry him that day.
Jack Prelutsky was born in New York.
Jack was a small kid with a big mouth.
Perhaps because Jack was born in the Chinese Year of the dragon jack has always had an interest in the beast.
Although Jack was bright he did not well in school.
Jack was identified as a musically gifted student, the played guitar, recorder, banjo, even a kazoo
Other books by Jack Prelutsky
The dragons are singing to night.
It’s raining pigs and noodles.
The frogs wore red suspenders.
Rolling Harvey down the hill.
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“Poetry is a delightful and surprising as being tickled or catching a snowflake on a mitten. “
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