Gennifer Cholenko
Carolyn and Megan
Her first novel was Notes From a Liar and her Dog
It was a School Library Journal best book of the year and a California book Award winner.
Her honor book was the publisher weekly best book of the year.
She was born in Santa Monica, California
She has two kids: Ian is 15 years old, and Kai is 10 years old.
She has four older siblings her family also called her snot-nose, shortstuff, and shrimp.
dogs.jpgShe has a German Shepherd named Sophie.
Media.jpgShe lives in the San Francisco Bay area!!

external image images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSQiyJAXQvzvYIiIow_QJOdDM2HUXeT3AM_lVrAT9VMP_bkpfvzYxGU6nwLOne of her favorite books was Tuck Everlasting.
notes_from_a_liar_and_her_dog.jpgThis is one of the book she has writen!