K. A. Applegate
Joselyn ,Desi
. Born in 1956 in Michigan
was a veterinarian, ran lab test in high school, assisted in surgery, and bathed cats
when she was a vet she said that she learned that claws are sharp
. Full name Katherine Alice Applegate

Loves animals

americans children writer
Grew up in Michigan

. Her favorite books are Charlottes Web and Dr. Doolittle

. Creator of the Animorphs series
. First books where romance novels for adults and teens, also wrote some novels for the Sweet Valley Twins series

. Started getting serious about writing at age 30

. Animorphs has about 41 volumes

. It takes her about 23 to 24 days to write a book then she spends a week on her final copy and then starts all over again.

Animorphs started to be shown on TV in 1998 and the second series was shown in 2000.

. Son named Jake

. Lives in Illinois

. Favorite quote: “I love teasing, tricking, surprising, upsetting, scaring, infuriating, and challenging readers. I love thinking you’ll blow milk out of your nose because I’ve made you laugh. My goal is to make it impossible to put down an Animorphs book. I want to do all this and still present you with serious and important things to think about.”

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