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Tony Abbott was born in Clevland, Ohio. Sydney: Typed the Information
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His mother was a school teacher and his father was a World War 2 paratrooper.When he was eight his family moved to where he finished school.

He went to college at the University of Connecticut.He first majored in Music (too hard), then Phsycology (too many theories), and last but not least English! HE graduated with a bachelors degree in English Literature. From there he traveled to Europe for awhile writing poetry.When he came back he worked in some bookstores and finally a library. That's where he met his wife.

It was when he started reading bedtime stories to his children that he decided to start writing childrens books. In 2007 His book Firegirl won the Golden Kite Award. In the Spring of 2008, his second novel for Little Brown Books for Young Readers appeared. Over 8 million of my books have sold world wide. The childerns

Tony Abbott has written more than 75 books including:
The Secrets of Droon
Danger Guys
TheLunchbox Dream
The Haunting
of Derek
Don't Touch
That Remote
Cracked Classics

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Currently he lives with his wife, two daughters and dog.